Friday, September 19, 2008

What a shame, I was plagiarizing! But wait...Sorry Jennifer.

Well , Thanks for visiting this blog and I hope the title of this post is what caught your attention.

Yup, I was plagiarizing some really wonderful content from About Web-design portal. And especially the content from Jennifer. What a sin? Yes I know what Plagiarizing is and damn have been affected by it for some time now. Wait, but how did i end up "Eatin" Jennifer's Content??

Back in time, I was an up and coming designer (in my native place) and struggled hard to make both ends meet and was seriously thinking of freelancing as an option. And I should admit, though i had a enthuasism i lacked some very rimetry skills in web-design. All I've done is my college's website and 5-6 Geocities sites for exporters from India who happen o frequent the same cyber cafe as was I.

And by that time the Dotcom hadn't burst into fumes and so everybody seemed to have been wanting a site and every one who can write HTML seemed to be freelancing . Hell, some even made fortunes with a little CGI thrown in. But I was a little slack in perl and there was no PHP back then. I inched past the dotcom bust and somehow survived with some Loyal clients who seem to be satisfied with my meager skills or may be thay were unwilling to learn I survived...

And then around 2004 I was introduced o the wonderful world of Cascading Style Sheet and it was love at first sight, but as they say a good lover is seldom a good spouce , and so I went in search of resources  to learn the dark art of Browser-neutral / Standards Compliance designs. And Thus found the Angelic guidance of Jennifer Krin and Miles Burke in learning and utilizing them respectively.

Over the course of the past 3 years , I am among the thousands of enthuasistic web-designers who look at thier Inbox expetantly for Both Jennifer's About web-design Guide and Miles's Site point Tribune newsletters. 

In the past week , I decided I will blog so that I can learn some more and perhaps if possible share some of my ideas/skills with fellow ppil. But in the enthuasism, I got a little carried waway and just aham, ahem CTRL+C and CTRL+V ed some wonderful newsletter from Kyrinin, now thats called impulsive spontanous thinking, coz' i've opened so many newsletters from Jennifer and had never felt the urge to appreciate it, but prhaps since I've got a blog myself now, I mighthave thought it  as a sort of honouring her by posting her newsletter/article in my blog.

And what happens, I get a reprimindation from Jennifer herself for overstepping my affinity with her works...
Well whats the 1st lesson for me in this blog???
Seek prior permission if quoting prior arts in your posts..

Thanks Jennifer for the Timely intervention and you just may be have saved me from going down the way a million bloggers go...plagiarizing..

And this blog is both an apology and tribute rolled into one...
Thanks for everything...


  1. Thanks for the apology.

    You have no need to take other people's work, as your own writing is engaging all on its own. Linking to the work you like and adding your own spin to it is the perfect use of a blog.

  2. Thanks a Lot for Accepting my apology and I still consider this event as a blessing in disguise for without which I am not sure it may have been possible to interact with you directly.