Thursday, September 25, 2008

CakePHP is Still my cup of Tea!

Though I posted about the release of the Django" with enthuasism , I would once again like to retriate my commitment to the fact that I am still a "Budding" developer and prefer CakePHP for my projects.

Basically, the truth be told I am not as much comfortable in Python as I am with PHP ...So It will be prudent for me to either suggest CakePHP or Drupal both of which I simply love...


    * No Configuration - Set-up the database and let the magic begin
    * Extremely Simple - Just look at the name…It’s Cake
    * Active, Friendly Community - Join us #cakephp on IRC. We’d love to help you get started.
    * Flexible License - Distributed under the MIT License
    * Clean IP - Every line of code was written by the CakePHP development team
    * Best Practices - covering security, authentication, and session handling, among the many other features.
    * OO - Whether you are a seasoned object-oriented programmer or a beginner, you’ll feel comfortable

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